For Jesse and Carly Burnett, the husband and wife duo behind TKEES (t-keys), it was a no-brainer—Carly yearned for a sandal that would "disappear" on your foot. "We'd walk out the door barefoot if we could, but it's not appropriate for every occasion," she says. Thus, in the summer of 2009, using a simple thong sandal as their base, the couple produced a collection that was divided into color categories: Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more. Branded as "cosmetics for your feet," TKEES was born. Carly, the ultimate flip-flop girl, was never big on makeup, but loved its myriad color collections. "The categories we created are natural and organic," she says, "everything fits together." The couple has stayed true to their mission, with customers applauding the sandals for their casual elegance and ease of wear—a no-brainer indeed.