45 Years of Timberland’s Original Yellow Boot

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When Sidney Swartz created Timberland’s Original Yellow Boot in 1973, it was designed for hard-working Americans. A waterproof style made with 39 components, the boot was built in 80 separate steps all focused on function and craftsmanship. Swartz wanted a boot that could withstand the coldest of New Hampshire winters.

Little did he know, his humble boot would become an iconan icon that transcended function and found itself on runways, synonymous with the hip-hop scene and on the feet of everyday construction workers, bartenders and fashion bloggers alike.

No one lifestyle or culture can lay claim to the Original Yellow Boot. Its mass appeal has found it on the likes of Jay-Z, Allen Iverson and even Cara Delevingne. The quality, consistency and attention to detail have helped it endure the test of time. Nearly five decades later and Timberland’s Original Yellow Boot still reigns supreme.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, Timberland has released a special edition of the iconic boot. It has the same seam-sealed, waterproof construction you trust, the premium Nubuck leather you love plus an exclusive dark sapphire blue collar and 45th anniversary hangtag and tongue embossing. Here’s to forty-five years and many more to come...

Want more Timbs? This season, Little Burgundy joined forces with Timberland once again. This time to create two new Little Burgundy Exclusive 6” Premiums. From the colours to the laces, even the eyelets, we made sure to cover off all the details. Shop the light purple for the ladies and olive green for the fellas.