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Our Mission

Provide an outstanding and consistent customer experience through an on-point product selection, a strong brand identity and a dedicated sale’s team.

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Who We Are

About Little Burgundy

Little Burgundy was founded in 2008 in its namesake neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec. The notion of being local and staying connected to its roots is key to the brand’s DNA. Little Burgundy is a hip branded footwear retailer with its own unique style for discerning tastes.

With over 39 stores across Canada, Little Burgundy offers the best brands on the market like adidas, Converse, Nike, Vans and Herschel Supply. A curated selection for both women and men and the best customer service experience, can all be found in their unique and dynamic shopping environment. Little Burgundy has the footprint and consumer reach of a mall-based retailer, yet the look and feel of a curated boutique.

Little Burgundy is innovative and modern in all of its initiatives. Every season, the team collaborates with local talent to produce a magazine that hijacks a trending pop culture theme to make it their own. From supporting up-and-coming talent to valuing partnerships with independent initiatives across the country, Little Burgundy is all about being local.

While being local is core to the brand’s identity, Little Burgundy has the privilege of operating under an international parent company, Genesco Inc. With several other brands and divisions under their belt, the company boasts a total of 2,794 stores worldwide.

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Who We Are - Magazine


Each season the Little Burgundy magazine features the latest trends in footwear and accessories. The magazine is an extension of the store environment, a fresh, urban, boundary pushing publication that allows customers to bring a piece of Little Burgundy Home.

The main objective of the Little Burgundy magazine is to showcase its curated selection of brands and styles. The magazine has become a powerful vehicle for these brands to solidify their relationship with loyal customers and reach out to new customers who seek them out at Little Burgundy.

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Team Member

Little Green

Little Burgundy is constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and become a more socially responsible retailer. We believe that the manufacturing of our products should be done in a responsible way, maintaining a focus on quality and safety.

Our code of conduct holds our suppliers to the highest standards in regards to environmental practices and working conditions for their employees in order to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible.

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. We are working hard to tackle this issue and believe it is our responsibility to do so. Some of the steps we have taken to become more socially and environmentally responsible include: improving our energy efficiency, working to become a paperless office, developing 100% recyclable shopping bags, introducing an in-store recycling program and supporting environmentally-conscious brands like Matt & Nat and TOMS. While we are very proud of these efforts, we recognize that this is only a start and we will continue to seek out opportunities to do better for our planet.

What We Stand For

Little Burgundy has supported the LOVE foundation since 2009. The LOVE mission is to reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence. LOVE believes that youth offer concrete reality-based solutions to their own problems and that changes in youth attitudes and behaviours are best made through art and communication, which is truly what Little Burgundy stand for.

House Brands - Little Burgundy & Floyd

House Brands Collections
Little Burgundy & Floyd

In 2011, Little Burgundy set out to create our own footwear and accessory brand. With years of product knowledge and connections with top manufacturers in countries like Italy and Portugal, we developed a home brand rooted in quality. Crafted with materials like leather and suede, each collection features effortless, on-trend styles for an everyday wardrobe.

With its identity so tightly intertwined with Little Burgundy's own, it was only natural for the ladies’ brand to be named "Little Burgundy". Setting the bar high, this name showcases the pride the team takes in their products. Quality and craftsmanship will always remain core to the Little Burgundy brand.

Of course we wouldn’t leave out the fellas. Our home brand Floyd has been a fan favourite for a while now. Inspired by British fashion, each collection is made with premium materials and a timeless design aesthetic, perfect for the modern creative.

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Who we are
Who we are