An Attitude that Cares

To know Little burgundy is to know that we have a commitment to our community.
Look no further than our impact statement:

We believe in the power of diversity. We stand for racial equality. We stand for kindness and inclusion. We stand against injustice and violence. Together we are stronger, united through love. Little Burgundy is part of a family with an attitude that cares.

Learn more below about how Little Burgundy encourages an attitude that cares through our work with several inspirational community organizations and projects.

Little Burgundy is a proud supporter of Can'd Aid, a nationally recognized nonprofit operating with a mission to build thriving communities across Canada. Amongst other impressive initiatives, Can'd Aid provides opportunities for underserved youth through art, music, and outdoor recreation.

Most recently, LB has assisted Can'd Aid's work by assembling 200 art kits and building 100 bicycles to be distributed to children and youth through their Music + Art and Treads + Trails branches.

Working with Can'd Aid brings smiles to our team's faces and we are thrilled to continue to support their incredible programs.

As a retailer from Montreal, Little Burgundy takes pride in supporting the communities in which we operate. Our partnership with DESTA, an organization based right here in our namesake neighborhood, is the perfect example.

DESTA supports Black youth in Little Burgundy in reaching their educational, employability, and entrepreneurial goals.

Through DESTA, LB offers tools to help young people start their professional careers. This includes offering professional photoshoots, Zoom training workshops and retail onboarding sessions.

DESTA does work that is close to our hearts and our roots, and we are always excited to support their youth and their mission.

La Rue Inspire is a creative collective focused on community building and raising social awareness through multiple artistic mediums. When exploring ways to give back and honour community, we knew to look no further than La Rue Inspire. They have been holding events by and for the community for years and continue to do impressive and meaningful work.

Together, along with the support of Reebok, 'we supported the people who support the people'. To do this, we hosted 19 community leaders for a recognition dinner. The well-deserving dinner guests were individuals who manage youth centres, support people without housing, and help give communities access to sports, arts, music, care and so much more.

We can’t wait to collaborate with La Rue Inspire again and again, as their work and energy aligns so perfectly with ours.

Floyd is a Canadian brand dedicated to individuality and craftsmanship. Floyd shoes are crafted with minimalist style and maximalist thought in every detail, from the quality of the leather that they source to the ethics of the factories that they work with.

In Fall 2021 alone, Floyed donated over 200 pairs of shoes to be distributed through five important community organizations: Spectre de Rue, Auberge Madeleine, Maison du Père, and DESTA.

We’re excited to continue to aid Floyd in their ethical practices and community support work.

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