Get the Look ft. Bailey Dejong and Royal Canadian

Creative Minds

Calgary-based creative Bailey Dejong (@baifraydej) has one of those aesthetics you can’t get enough of. From beautifully captured landscapes to impeccably styled outfits, her Instagram is a definite must-follow. Naturally, we had to reach out to her to style the Royal Canadian Lasalle bootsand of course, get a glimpse of her favourite spots in Calgary. Check out her feed here

Tell us a little about yourself
A nomad of trades and jobs, I have been known to take on and pursue new things as they come my way. I’ve worked as a hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist, and have recently tapped into my design roots pursing home design, working in that field for just over a year.

How does living in Calgary influence your style?
I moved from Alaska to Canada six years ago and have grown to love Calgary as my other home. I am not sure if living in Calgary has influenced my style so much as it’s brought to light areas of my style that I hadn’t really explored. I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts, never really going though fashion “phases” (as that would require a specific time period given to a specific look), rather wearing whatever I feel like for the day. Be that sporty, western (I see you, Calgary), chic, rocker, you name it. I’m inspired by magazines, people, movies, art, music.... so much. Calgary has given me the ability to really go for it and explore those areas. Coming from Alaska and more so, standing out, it was fun immersing into a city where others were an inspiration and you didn’t look so crazy.

Bailey’s favourite spots in Calgary.


My first neighbourhood upon moving to Calgary. Such a charming place that feels like you’re in a whole new small town. Great shops and restaurants not to mention my favorite place to grab a coffee: Gravity Café.

17th Avenue

I live near 17th now and it has been mine and my husband’s go-to date night spot for years. Some of our favourite restaurants are along 17th: Una, Cleaver, and Calcutta Cricket Club, to name a few.

If you could travel anywhere else in Canada, where would it be?

I’m dying to see the east coast. I absolutely love what I’ve seen of the east in the US, and I’d love to explore Canada moreMontreal, Toronto, and seeing Nova Scotia would be so cool!

Baker Park

One thing that’s so neat living in Calgary is the abundance of parks and river walks. Baker Park has been one of my favourites that I’ve explored so far. Right on the river, it’s the perfect summer hangout.