Mickey Turns 90

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This year, the world’s most iconic mouse turns 90 and what better way to celebrate than an epic Vans collab that pays homage to his evolution over the decades. Adored by generations upon generations of kids and adults alike, Mickey Mouse has withstood the test of time like no other figure from pop culture.

In honour of Mickey’s upcoming anniversary and the all-new Disney x Vans collection collection now available in store and onlinelet’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Oswald the OG

Before there was Mickey, there was Oswald the RabbitWalt Disney’s original critter. After losing his contract and Oswald being declared property of Universal Studios, Walt went back to the drawing board and thus Mickey came to be.

Channeling Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was one of Walt Disney’s inspirations for Mickey Mouse. He once said, "We wanted something appealing, and we thought of a tiny bit of a mouse that would have something of the wistfulness of Chaplin... a little fellow trying to do the best he could."

Hot Diggity

Mickey was silent up until his ninth film, a 1929 short called “The Karnival Kid”, when he finally spoke - err, sung -his first words: “hot dog” with a synchronized dance and all. Who could blame him? Nothing like a tasty frankfurter to break your silence.

Join the Club

In 1955, Walt Disney introduced a kids’ variety show, called The Mickey Mouse Club. Airing on-and-off for seven seasons, viewers tuned in for music, games and comedy skits performed by an almost-famous cast (aka “Mouseketeers”) with the likes of Britney, Christina and Justin.

Star Power

Mickey was the first cartoon to be granted his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Impressive, right? On November 18, 1978, Mickey’s 50th birthday, he earned his place on Hollywood Boulevard. Minnie, on the other hand, had quite the wait, only receiving her star this past year.

Nothing like a few fun facts from the past to get us feeling nostalgic. Thankfully, you can relive your childhood and of course, celebrate Mickey’s 90th with the all-new Disney x Vans collection here.