adidas POD-S3.1: connecting the past to the future

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The 90s feel, coupled to a futuristic silhouette

The epitome of comfort and motion

When adidas started working on the creation of what would eventually become the adidas POD-S3.1, they went back to their archives to find inspiration. Their desire was to create something that would represent the connection of the past to the future. As a starting point, they began their design process by examining the Cushion 2, which was released in 1994. As soon as that specific moment, they knew they were looking at what would be their next silhouette. The silhouette that would change the game.

So, what exactly is the POD-S3.1? It literally stands for Point of Deflection System, since this shoe was built with the intention to combine comfort with motion. Nothing less. In order to make this happen, the development team at adidas spent a considerable amount of time working on the outsole, testing different materials and shapes to find the best construction possible. The results are nothing short than mind-blowing, whether we’re talking about the silhouette of the shoe or the feeling you get when wearing them.

With the development of this shoe, adidas wanted to challenge the norm and the expected. We must admit that they succeeded at their mission. Not only were they able to keep the 90s feel intact, but they also created a futuristic silhouette at the same time.