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Age is just a number

There are encounters and discoveries that cannot leave one feeling indifferent. This is the case with 64-year-old Lyn Slater, better known as Accidental Icon. Her blog, which started in 2014, documents her emotions when on photoshoots.

Accidently discovered by photographers during NYFW, she quickly became very popular in the world of social media thanks to her newfound career as a fashion blogger/influencer. “Throughout my career in social work and as a professor, I was always influencing others so this is nothing new for me. I am just being the self I have always been. I do this for personal pleasure.”

The popularity gained by this blogger is not only explained by the quality of her content, but also because of the age that differentiates her from the other big names in the industry. No wonder she thinks this is just a small detail. That’s what happens when one associates age with just a simple number - major props. “The only thing in my mind that makes me different from any other age I have ever been are the changes in my body. The core of who I am now is who I was when I was 10, 16, 20 etc. I experience age as fluid.”

An inspiring woman who curates a high-quality content. An influencer who breaks the rules.

You can learn more about this woman by reading our interview with her in the recent edition of our magazine, Chapter 10. You can also follow her on Instagram right here, @iconaccidental.