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Surprisingly, even with their never-ending summers, Aussies sure know how to design reliable, winterproof footwear that stand up to the harshest Canadian elements.

EMU is a proud Australian brand that recently arrived in our stores, just as the temp started dropping. Before you get your hands on your first pair of EMUs, here are a few things you should know about this top-quality brand.

Let's start with the basics. Pronounced 'eem-you', the brand is named after Australia’s national bird. According to national geographic experts (or Google...), emus stand tall and proud, plus they’re fast and don't ever take a step backward. Not to mention, they're resourceful and can survive on little food and water in the desert. All these characteristics are at the core of EMU Australia’s company values.

If you take a look at their full product selection, you’ll notice a very neutral colour palette, inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape.

The materials they use also pay homage to their homeland. The exterior of their boots are crafted in Australian sheepskin, not only extremely soft and durable but also water-resistant. The interior is made with Australian Merino wool - an entirely natural fibre that insulates your feet, perfect for keeping you warm all winter long. Yup - they thought of everything.

Now please give a warm welcome to EMU!