Backpack to school

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The festival season is over: the time has come to trade your fanny-pack in for a stylish backpack that will make everyone jealous.

Don’t look so sad; we know that summer is coming to an end but with a stylish accessory to carry your books and your favourite hoodie, the session will go by in the blink of an eye. So this fall, make the most out of your backpack: let it become your companion during your trips and getaways.

It is quite new since the backpack has been such a remarquable accessory, so here’s how everything started: until the 60s, students used to fasten a leather strap around their books to carry them. It was only in 1967 that the first modern nylon bag appeared on the market. Gradually, the backpack became a must for students and hikers, and then began to have an aesthetic value. Following the evolution of this revolutionary invention, LB has a ton of backpacks to offer in loads of styles and colors that you are totally going to love.

Herschel Supply, practical and timeless
Herschel comes back this fall with its classics that match everything. You will also love the new models that they have imagined, printed with this season’s patterns and colours (hurry, they go fast!) Many of their bags are even equipped with a laptop sleeve: talk about perfect balance of style and functionality!

Matt & Natt, the eco-chic
If you are looking for a classy, practical accessory, Matt & Nat offers you some sumptuous backpacks (made of vegan leather!) that are elegant enough to turn heads while being eco-friendly. These guys are truly passionate and inspired by nature’s beauty: it is no surprise that the company is known for its geometrical bags and eco-friendly materials. Spoiler alert: we have new silhouettes coming soon!

Vans, the casual skater
As usual, Vans offers the coolest looks. We all know their timeless Old Skool shoes, but the company also has a range of stylish backpacks that will clearly conquer your heart.

Rains, waterproof and minimalist
Autumn is often a grey, rainy season and this year Rains’ got your back. They offer waterproof bags with beautiful minimalist designs, so you don’t have to worry about getting your books wet or blowing up your laptop (which probably contains the final papers you’ve done during countless sleepless nights.)

Fjällräven, vintage and iconic
Fjällräven comes back this fall with Kanken’s lovely minimalist design, and a wide variety of colours to match your wardrobe. Make history by choosing one of these iconic bags from this Swiss company, which has preserved its classic design since 1970 (plus this bag will be perfect for your road trips next summer!)

All in all, choosing a backpack may seem trivial, but when you combine aesthetics and practicality, it can quickly become your favorite accessory. Stay tuned because we have new brands coming up soon and we are sure you won’t be able to resist them.

So, boys and girls, go stand out and have a great back-to-school season!