The luggage you need if you’re heading to the airport soon

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Roll in style with the Herschel travel & luggage line

Summer means block parties with the homies, music festivals and long nights on patios with friends & family. It also means vacation time and trips abroad. You’re def gonna need new shoes for the (many) outfits necessary for each and every night on your time off. Do you know what else you’ll probably need? A brand new luggage to roll in style when you get off the plane.

Since you’re already a fan of LB - wink wink, you’ve surely already heard about one of our favourite brands: the Vancouver based company, Herschel Supply. This company has been around since 2009, and you’ve probably already seen a lot of their products in your entourage. We’re talking your little sister’s first backpack for school, your cousin’s fanny pack and the duffle bag you just bought that literally follows you everywhere - right? When we say “Herschel”, you think cool products, fun prints, and well-constructed items because that’s their reputation, you know. Well, you can now add a new item to your collection thanks to their highly covetable luggage & travel line.

The minimalist design and the amazing construction of these pieces of luggage are sure to make you love them for a long time. So get your world map out of the storage bin, pick a destination and then decide which colour you want your next favorite travel BFF to be.

Have fun and safe travels!