Get the Look ft. Hugo Filipe and Royal Canadian

Creative Minds

We you ask Toronto-based blogger and entrepreneur Hugo Filipe (@mrhugofilipe) to style the newly arrived Royal Canadian Aldershot boots, you know it’s gonna be good. Hugo rose to the occasion and even gave us a glimpse of his favourite spots in the city. Scroll to get to know Hugo, then check out his blog here

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur. I immigrated to Canada when I was 10 and have been calling Toronto my home for the last two years. I take on a lot of jobs, ranging from marketing and creative director to brand building and styling. I manage three amazing musicians - Glass Face, Noita and Ephram. I also have a strong passion for fashion and fitness and try to stay active everyday.

How does living in Toronto influence your style?
Toronto has taught me a lot about life, and about fashion. I used to conform, and wear things that didn’t say too much or didn’t speak too loudly. Then I came to Toronto and saw so many people just doing their own thing, and living their best life. So I started doing the same thing - I started to dress and wear what I like, and not care as much what other people think.

For example, the suit. I used to think suits were such an “old man” thing. I used to avoid them just because of what I thought it said about me- did it make me look older, did it look like I worked a boring nine-to-five? I’ve grown out of that. Now I’ll wear a suit if I want, and it’ll probably be a floral pattern - and I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it, because I do, and that’s what matters.

Hugo’s favourite spots in Toronto.

Riverdale Park

One of my favourite places to visit in Toronto is Riverdale Park. There’s plenty of park space to just do your own thing but there’s also tennis courts, a skate park and a running track. During the warmer months, this is one of my go-to spots to work out. When I’m done, I just sit at the top of the park and rest. There’s a beautiful clean view of the city from the benches at the top of the hill.

Dundas Square
I love Dundas Square. It’s such a lively space and there’s always something happening. It’s really close to my apartment, so I’ll often just take a walk down there and see what kind of event is going on. Sometimes it’s a pop-up, sometimes it’s a festival or a concert, but there’s always something going on. I’ve met a lot of great people here and have made some amazing friends. This is the heart of Toronto and everything is just steps away.

LIT Espresso Bar

I love the atmosphere at LIT. It’s a little far from downtown but I think that’s the appeal for me. It’s that warm little coffee shop that’s tucked away and never too busy. A friend took me here once and ever since it’s just become one of our regular coffee spots. It’s just full of great memories, and it’s got a great food menu. You gotta try the Prosciutto pizza.

If you could travel anywhere else in Canada, where would it be?
I’m a city boy. I absolutely love Toronto, and have already visited Montreal. My next stop is Vancouver. I keep hearing about all the similarities (and differences) to Toronto and I would just love to experience that.