Hunter x Lucho Calderon

Creative Minds

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I wish I could say something like I’m an astrophysicist who decided to just chill and take photos, but yeah, I’m the founder of FM2MAG and my personal brand, Lushooter.

How did FM2MAG come to life?

In all honesty, FM2MAG is the perfect example of being able to recognize a good opportunity when it presents itself. About a year and a half ago, Charles (who used to run the mag with me) and I posted a photo on IG with a caption inviting people to come shoot with us. About 30-35 people showed up. I remember approaching Charles and saying “we have something to work with here’’ and then it took off from there!

How would you describe your Hunter Refined Chelsea boots?

I’d describe them as an opportunity to wear something new, completely outside my element. I threw on some skinny black jeans and a jean jacket - it was the the first time I've ever felt like a badass in very comfortable boots.

Tell us more about your personal style?

90s Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy jeans, polos with oversized pants and 70s Chucks. Otherwise, I go for a very minimal approach: solid pastel, oversized shirt and pants. But ALWAYS 70s and ALWAYS in my black beanie.

Paris and Tokyo are cities that inspired my oversize style. The type of music I listen to brings me back to the 90s.

As a photographer, you constantly have to reinvent yourself. Where do you seek inspiration?

Mhm, I think I have always been inspired by the struggle. Being a freelancer is not an easy thing, putting an idea like FM2MAG out there is not easy and thankfully, it has all worked out perfectly. But yeah, my inspiration is my own struggle. Making a life out of what I'm doing is my biggest work in progress.

Where are we sure to find you in Montreal?

On the orange line between Berri and Rosemont, somewhere listening to music. If not, Shaughnessy Cafe is pretty much my second home. I don’t really shoot much apart from when I am on my way somewhere. I let the moments happen, instead of me going out for a whole day to maybe not even capture anything.

What's next for the FM2MAG crew?

To create and showcase more work from local artists. Lately we’ve been looking into releasing special editions in other cities and countries. Big things are coming that we’d like to keep a surprise. We take it day by day.

Catch Lucho on Instagram: @lushooter