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Tell us about yourself.

I'm a public relations account manager and founder of the Montreal ladies’ baseball league, Les Princes.

How did Les Princes come to be?

A need for a personal project outside of work and a desire to bring together women. The league was really born from the idea of “Girl Power”.

Why the name Les Princes?

In my crew of girls, we used to call each other “mon beau prince” (my beautiful prince) and we thought it was really cool. Now everyone talks about the name because it’s masculine yet we’re an all girls league. It’s perfect.

What are your thoughts on the craze around Les Princes?

In my opinion, the craze isn’t really around the league, but rather around the movement we created. In three years, we have grown from 20 to 90 girls, most of whom have never played baseball. All we want is to unite strong women together. Girls who want to support themselves and push themselves further. It’s the authenticity behind Les Princes that inspires people, I think.

What does the future of Les Princes look like?

There’s no predetermined plan because with Les Princes, the goal is really to just have fun. Of course, ideally, we would love to see Les Princes inspire a movement across Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

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