Life in Black and White ft. Vans

Trend Alert

During the warmer months, you’re probably one of those people who leave their black attire well-hidden in the back of their wardrobes because bright colours = summer. Right?

Let’s be honest: is there ever really a bad time to wear black? Nope, wear it all day, every day if you please. In fact, there’s nothing better than the winning combination of black and white. Classic Vans Sidestripes prove just that.

Of course, a touch of colour never killed anyone, but black and white from head to toe is a trend that will forever transcend time and season.

Still not convinced? Check out these Vans essentials including the Old Skool low-top, the very cute pair of Shinner socks, our new favourites the velcro Black Ball Priz sneakers and the popular Ruby bucket hat.