By Yang Shi

Legends say that the dragon symbolizes strength, wisdom, and boundless potential, guiding heroes on quests of discovery and self-transformation. To determine the order of the zodiac signs, the Jade Emperor organized a race. Despite its formidable capabilities, the Dragon finished fifth, choosing to aid villagers in watering their dry fields by bringing rain rather than winning the race. This story highlights the dragon's benevolence- its role as a protector and guardian of life. As one of the most revered symbols in the zodiac, the dragon embodies qualities of generosity and innovation, inviting individuals to harness their inner potential and pursue their dreams. This powerful symbol acts as a catalyst for creativity and ambition, setting the stage for a year marked by remarkable achievements and breakthroughs. This Year of the Dragon unfolds growth and inspiration, offering a fertile ground for talent across various fields. From art and entertainment to technology and entrepreneurship, here are seven Asian talents who stand out as beacons of creativity, ready to soar into the sky like mighty dragons.


Charming worlds with her angelic voice, Lia is a singer-songwriter and a pivotal 1/3 of the musical ensemble Afternoon Bike Ride. Her unique artistry weaves together dream-pop vocals, lo-fi beat music, and sensitive acoustic instrumentation with folk-inspired sound.


Lisa, a creative visionary known for her playful spirit and unconventional perspective, excels in the realms of creative direction, prop styling, and photography. Through her lens, Lisa invites viewers into a world where the mundane becomes magical, highlighting the intricate dance between the natural and the crafted.


Misheel, with her innate grace and versatility, discovered her profound connection to the art of dance early in life. Mastering the stage and captivating audiences behind the screen, she has developed a deep passion for contemporary dance, enriched by her foundational background in hip-hop. This unique blend of styles allows her to express complex stories through the poetry of her movements.


A graphic design and visual arts aficionado, Elie uses illustration as a means of self-expression, marrying real-life experiences with a vivid imagination. His artwork acts as a bridge to understanding his inner world. Beyond illustration, he founded a silkscreening studio and carved out a niche for himself in the fashion industry, showcasing his multifaceted creativity.


Half-Chinese, half-militant, half-rapper, Hua Li’s music plays around the tension between contrasts and contradictions by navigating through the complexities of identity. Her latest album ripe fruit, a lush landscape of sound, thrives at the intersection of hazy R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and electronicdefining the essence of self-emancipation.


Wawa's artistry, caught between responsibility and creativity, serves as her path to healing. She interprets the world through various mediums, acting as both a family translator and a student of computational arts and anthropology at Concordia University, Montreal. Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, Wawa remains committed to pursuing her ancestors' utopia, believing firmly in the power of empathy as her guide and tool in both art and life.



With a passion for blending the intricate flavours of the East with those of the West, Tina constantly experiments with unique ingredients and innovative recipes. Their homemade onigiris have become a signature offering, earning them a dedicated following and establishing their catering house, Maison Lucky Cat. Their culinary creations are distinguished by their love for two seemingly disparate ingredients: the rich, creamy texture of butter and the umami-packed depth of fish sauce.

The LB team wishes all of you luck and love in the new year! Big thanks to our special collaborator: Yang Shi, creative director at Sticky Rice Magazine