Little Burgundy’s must-haves for a glorious 90’s look

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When looking back at the 1990’s, we can appreciate how diverse was this decade. All at the same time we could listen to grunge with Nirvana, hip hop with Salt-n-Pepa, pop with boys band galore whilst Celine Dion was at the top of all charts. It’s also the Titanic movie, Home Alone, Jurassic Park and the Lion King so many classics! On TV, we could watch hours of Fresh Prince of Belair or The Simpsons and people would split in two teams: Seinfeld or Friends? The 90’s were also the beginning of Internet, the rise of Apple and of the infamous Tamagotchi.

It’s a known fact that every 20 years fashion returns back to its source, hence the mega come-back of the 90’s today. It started with cropped tops, velour and choker necklaces but here’s what you really need to achieve this retro style.

Platform shoes

The most noticeable must-have of 1990’s are the platform shoes. Sure, they were a symbol of the 1970’s but soon became a staple of the 90’s because of the Spice Girls. This year, Dr. Martens (the iconic shoe brand of that decade) is releasing the Jadon, a version of its famous 1460 boot but with a 1 3/4" platform sole. All the classic elements of a Dr. Martens are featured: shiny black leather, yellow stitching and their reputable air-cushioned sole. These boots are seriously fierce: they’re a timeless piece but with a twist. If you prefer sportier shoes, we’ve got you covered too with the Converse Lift OX or the Vans SK8-HI Platform Sneaker 2.0. Just like the Jadon, it’s the unforgettable design of each brand married to a platform sole. Easy and comfortable to wear, they will fit any casual look.

Mini Backpack
Let’s be honest, 90’s fashion was all over the place but it was so much fun! One day you could wear rainbow tank tops and the next day plaid shirts and distressed jeans. One thing that seemed to be invariable was the mini backpack. Maybe it was black or in a form of a teddy bear but everyone had one and still hasn’t change much today. The Mini Festival bags by Dickies are most likely to take you straight back to Lollapolooza and especially the transparent one: it could have been seen at any Rave parties, really. Practical and cute, what can we ask for more?

Yellow fever
As you are probably aware by now, yellow is everywhere this season but it’s also a major trend borrowed from the 1990’s. Yellow is a trickier colour to wear but you shouldn’t shy from it: it can light up any style. You can go for a statement accessory like the Herschel Supply Co’s Nova Mini Backpack or for a bold pair of Vans. Either the corduroy slip-on or the Old-Skool sneakers are the perfect 90’s touch to your wardrobe.

There’s many ways to play with the 90’s fashion but accessories are the best to show some love to this decade. So don’t hesitate to make the big fashion jump: these three must-haves will make it a lot easier to adopt the style.