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We’re chatting about age & experience with 4 influencers from Montreal.

As we turn 10, we asked 4 influencers from Montreal and a member of their family to share their thoughts with us on age, experience and how to grow old - but stay cool.

Françoise & Scarlett

Françoise is a creative director and the other half of RAPMOMMIES. Her daughter Scarlett is 7 and dreams of being a Pastry Chef or a Veterinarian. She also can’t wait to have her own bank account. “Scarlett is a part of me, but that's not all. I think I managed to stay myself. I don’t know if, in my daughter’s eyes, she sees me as a cool mom, but in my eyes, I'm doing pretty well and I’m having fun being a motherthat's what’s cool.” - Françoise Cournoyer

Chloé & Trudy

Chloé is a photographer/influencer living in NYC. Her mother Trudy is a ceramist artist and interior designer. Together, they wrote a culinary book - goals, right? “My mom is the person that inspired me the most and just watching her every day, working so hard and being so talentedit was a true inspiration for me. She helped me grow into the person I am today.” - Chloé Leroux-Crane on her mother Trudy

Danny & Dorianna

Danny is Chef at Le Bremner in Montreal. His mother, Dorianna, gave him his first taste of Italian cooking as she allowed him into her sacred kitchen while giving him access to a legacy. “Food was super important in our household. Cooking and making everything from scratcheverybody had a role in the kitchen. My mom is Italian and my dad is Egyptian, so two different backgrounds. In my memories, there’s a lot of tomato sauce but also a lot of za'atar.” - Danny Smiles

Raphaël & Martin

Raphaël is the co-owner of Montreal-based, C’est beau. His father Martin transmitted him his passion for well-done work as well as a desire to become his own boss. “The older I get, the more I realize that it was his passionate side that inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I came to realize the influence he’s had on me over time. He was his own boss all his life, so I wanted to emulate him by starting my own business.” - Raphaël Ricard on his father Martin

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