Creative Minds

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from Montreal and I’m an entrepreneur in restaurants and bars.

What made you decide to join the A5 group?

The guys are very creative, driven and have the same passion for hospitality. I was always attracted to like-minded individuals and they resemble me a lot.

What project / opening would you say you're most proud of since joining A5?

Definitely Kampai Garden. It was our biggest opening in the last year and it was a big gamble because it was in an unproven neighbourhood.

In your opinion, what makes a crew adopt a specific hangout, whether it’s a bar or restaurant, and keep coming back?

I think that someone adopts a specific location or restaurant because they feel at home and they’ve established a link with some of the members of that team. Either it’s a good experience or a personal touch that they’ve made for that client. Going forward once you’ve had that great experience once or twice, you’ll forever identify yourself with that place.

What has being part of the A5 crew brought to your life?

A sense of family. It’s a crew of people that are like me. That want to express themselves, have fun, while creating a variety of different projects. And it’s not only the partners that are part of the family. We have clients that have followed us for the past 10 years, all the way back from Ballroom that now come to Apt. 200.

PJ Goupil | Instagram
Shot by | Naskademini