#LBEntourage x Puma Suede Classic

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Our head office team in Montreal is made up of young, dynamic and creative professionals with a shared passion for you guessed it shoes.

Lately, we’ve noticed that one particular style has been dominating our corridors both on guys and ladies.

Catherine (marketing coordinator, 25 yrs. old), Juliette (administration, purchase order management, 25 yrs. old) and Albert (senior graphic designer, 34 yrs. old) were kind enough to share with us their love for their Puma sneakers. Time to get inspired by our experts.

Catherine, how would you describe your Puma Suede Classic?
I would describe them as the shoe equivalent of a little black dress. I love this Puma silhouette - it’s minimalist, comfortable and above all, easy to wear. They’re a real must that I definitely can’t live without.

Juliette, when do you usually wear your Suede Classics?

The Puma Suede Classic is an iconic style with a matte finish. This version, in light pink, adds the perfect touch of colour to my everyday outfits for both work and nights out.

According to you Albert, why do you think this model is perfect for both guys and girls?

As the girls mentioned, I think this model appeals to both because the silhouette is timeless, minimalist and really goes with everything.