Pete Williams

Creative Minds

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm the co-founder of the brand Raised by Wolves and editor with Highsnobiety magazine. I do freelance photography as well.

What drew you to fashion and streetwear in particular?

For me, it really all goes back to skateboarding. I was really drawn to all the graphics, all the different brands, the artwork and discovering different rare collaborations.

How did you get involved with Highsnobiety?

I was discovering all this amazing stuff that was happening in Japan through the internet, forums of people talking about sneakers, clothing. A few of them were taking it from online conversations to putting this information onto web pages. At the time, its not something that was really happening. Highsnobiety was founded by David Fischer who was involved in this scene as well and a couple years in, I joined.

What's next for Highsnobiety?

We have the latest print issue dropping for SS17 that will be available in early April. With the blog and the website, the pace is so fast. By the next day, the content could be completely gone. But a story that you create in print sticks around. You pick it up even 6 months later and it's the same content. You have more time to absorb it. Having that permanence, I think is really important today.

Highsnobiety | Pete Williams
Shot by William Arcand