Pop Montreal Interview Series: STRANGE FROOTS

LB Culture

What inspired the name Strange Froots?

Strange Froots was inspired by Nina Simone/Billie Holiday's rendition of the song "Strange Fruit", which Naika felt represented us as 3 Black women. As conception of the EP art went along, Mags was inspired by Froot Loops to spell the band name with a double-O.

Where do you seek inspiration for your music?

We are mostly inspired by our own personal lives, constantly trying to find balance between living our best life and the expectations of others. We are also inspired by our identities as queer Black girls, and write music to uplift others, and make ourselves relatable, especially to marginalized groups.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Some of our musical influences include Lauryn Hill, Linkin Park, Kid Cudi, Missy Elliott, Hiatus Kaiyote, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, Ella Fitzgerald... the list could go on for miles.

What do you like most about POP Montreal?

POP Montreal is uncanny in the way they book an eclectic selection of artists but make them work together in a way that could only be done in Montreal. And even for the bigger names on the line-up, they are considered somewhat underground or anomalies in their own respective genres.

What makes Montreal's music/art scene unique?

Montreal's art scene is very unique because the city is a large cultural hub as well as student hub. Already being officially bilingual and being likened to certain European cities, it has an unmistakably young, cosmopolitan feel to it, with the additional cultures of the Antillean, North African, South Asian, Latin American... you name it!

Photo credits: Zarita Zevallos & Mariel Rosenbluth.