POP Montreal Interview Series: TALI TALIWAH & THE RUCKUS

LB Culture

What inspired the name Tali Taliwah and The Ruckus?

DJ Andy Williams (The Goods, Jazz Amnesty) is a friend. We're both Caribbean-Canadians and really appreciate West Indian adages. One of those that we like: "Mi likkle but mi tallawah". It means "I may be small but I'm strong don't get it twisted".

Where do you seek inspiration for your music?

Mostly from what I'm hearing in the news, or thinking about the questions, stories or experiences we don't usually hear about in the news. That stuff is linked with writing about my own experiences, of course.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Buju Banton, Lauryn Hill, Black Thought, folk singers of the 60s/’70s, Bon Iver, Laura Mvula, The Mighty Sparrow.

What do you like most about POP Montreal?

The variety of artists and the peer-to-peer element with the panels/workshops.

What makes Montreal's music/art scene unique?

Its abundance. That people are creating on multiple levelsdiy, art school, for an industry, for a community of like-minded souls, to compete, creating by accident etc. In all of that, original art comes through all of the time. And there are all kinds of outlets for all of those levels.

Photo Credit: Nik Brovkin
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