Ladies and Gents. Vans Colour Theory Collection

LB Culture

Cooler than cool

A unisex collection with the dreamiest colours

Girls and boys, listen up. The coolest kids on the block just dropped another amazing collection. Enter: the Colour Theory Collection. In case you didn’t catch our drift, we’re talking about our good friends from Cali - the one and only, Vans.

From day 1, or should we say since 1966, Vans has continuously offered unisex footwear with a wide selection of styles making it possible for everyone to find their sauce. Just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, they push the boundaries a little more with a new collection, which was designed to be even more inclusive than ever. In other words, the items from this collection were meant to be worn by everyone - even your Mom. Through the colours of the products and the minimalistic approach of the design team, Vans decided to show us their true colours and remind us why they are still the ones you can sit with.

As soon as this month, expect to find the same silhouettes you always loved but now in five new amazing colourways. So gather your friends, buy all these new styles and then swap your shoes with your besties.