A crash course on vegan shoes for dummies

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Here’s a quick little lesson for you which we like to call: LB University - Vegan 101.

What do Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson and Miley Cyrus all have in common? They are known for leading a vegan lifestyle, starting with what they have on their plates all the way to what they wear on their feet. While eating vegan is quite mainstream nowadays, wearing vegan shoes isn’t quite as common. So, what characterizes a shoe as a vegan one?

For shoes to enter the vegan world, they must be free of all animal-derived products. Question: at any part of the process? Great question, student! Yes, that is correct. Out goes the leather (duh!), fur (re-duh!), silk, and wool. A lot of new materials have stepped up to the plate to offer innovative alternatives - cotton, hemp, gore-tex, upcycled and recycled materials being the most common.

We are very proud to offer a variety of vegan products from brands such as Birkenstock, Dr. Martens, Native, Toms and the Canadian-based all-vegan and socially-responsible brand Matt & Nat.

Come see us in store so we can talk veganism! But for now, class dismissed!