Packing Made Easy w/ Herschel Supply

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Planning your next vacation? Maybe you have a bucket list of new and exciting places you want to see? Well, 2019 is your year. Resolve to travel more, to get out there and see the world and live out new experiences. Whether it’s Japan, Colombia or even a good old-fashioned Canadian road trip, there’s nothing better than setting out to explore someplace new.

The weeks leading up to vacation are always full of excitement. You’re planning where you’re going stay, what you’re going to do, how you’re going to get there, the full shebang. Regardless of whether you’re mapping out your agenda to a tee or taking a more spontaneous approach, the anticipation is always at an all-time high.

Then, the day before your departure arrives. Panic sets in. You always swear you won’t leave packing to the last-minute but lo and behold, your procrastination wins again. You leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn, meanwhile you haven’t done the laundry in three weeks, have no clean socks and no clue how you’re going to get everything packed in time.

Thankfully, Herschel Supply can help put you at ease and alleviate some of that pre-trip anxiety by keeping you organized.

It all starts with the luggage. You want something durable to last many adventures to come. You want something spacious but not impractical. Something super lightweight. You want a checked bag and a carry-on for max storage capacity.

Our picks

40L Carry On

107L Luggage

It doesn’t end there. You’ll want to make sure you pack those bags super efficiently. You may be living out of your suitcase for a while, so keeping organized is key so you’re not re-packing at each destination. That’s where Herschel Supply’s travel organizers come in. Sweaters in this compartment, underwear in that compartment... they make finding things a breeze. Gone are the days of tearing apart your suitcase in search of that top you could have sworn you brought.

Our picks

Travel Organizer

Standard Issue Travel System

Lastly, you probably have a long flight (or drive) ahead of you. You might as well make it as comfortable as possible, by stocking your carry-on with key travel essentials. Is it just us or is the plane A/C completely unreliable? It’s either unbelievably hot or a total ice box. That’s why having a jacket in reach is always clutch. Of course, a neck pillow is another no-brainer (bonus points for an eye mask). You’ll be catching some z’s and arriving at your destination in no time.

Our picks

Amenity Kit

Voyage Coach Jacket

So throw your laundry into the wash, make a checklist and breathe. It’s all going to be okay. Soon enough, you’ll be sitting on a beach in Maui forgetting all your packing woes. In the meantime, shoutout to Herschel Supply for making the packing experience that much more bearable.

Bon voyage!