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What size kids shoes does Little Burgundy carry?

Little Burgundy will be carrying a curated selection of kids shoes for babies, toddlers and little kids, with sizes ranging from a size 2 Baby until a size 3 Little Kid.

Which brands of kids shoes will Little Burgundy be carrying?

You can expect some of the same great Little Burgundy brands you know and love: Vans, Converse, Birkenstock, Native, New Balance with more brands to come. Think mini Chuck 70s, Old Skools and Arizonas. There will be a mix of high top shoes, black shoes, sneakers, sandals, waterproof shoes & more!

How to measure Kids Shoe Size?

Kids feet are constantly growing and therefore frequently measuring their feet is the best way to keep up with their shoe sizes. We've created a Printable Measuring Size Guide in CM to help you measure your child's foot.

How do Kids Shoe sizes work?

At Little Burgundy, we have three categories of kids shoes: Baby, Toddler and Little Kid. Here are the corresponding footwear sizes and approximate age range per category:

Baby: sizes 0 to 4 (ages 0 to 1)
Toddler: sizes 4 to 10 (ages 1 to 5)
Little Kid: sizes 10 to 3 (ages 5 to 10)

Terminology and sizing varies from brand to brand. The most reliable way to identify the right size to select is to measure the length of your child's foot. Refer to this Printable Measuring Size Guide for instructions. Compare the measurements to the size chart of the brand you're interested in. If the measurements fall between sizes, we recommended choosing the larger of the two. Need further assistance? Come visit us in store.

Find Kids' Boots, Shoes & Sandals here at Little Burgundy Shoes. We carry sizes in Baby, Toddler, Little Kid and Big Kid. Shop popular kids' styles from various brands such as Vans, Converse, and New Balance. Free Shipping over $99.