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The history of Converse shoes spans the history of 20th century America and the evolution of basketball. Converse revolutionized the sport of basketball and witnessed the birth of rock and roll.

How to clean Converse sneakers?

Even though we love the storytelling behind a worn out Converse, sometimes they do need a good cleaning! We do not recommend to wash converse in the washing machine as as it can damage the shoes by changing the shape and color. Instead, we recommend the following steps:

1- Hand wash your shoes and shoelaces separately with lukewarm water using a damp cloth and mild soap.

2- Stuff your shoes with paper to help maintain their shape and dry at room temperature.

For advice on which type of soap to use, come see us at one of our in-store Little Burgundy locations, we would be glad to help!

How to lace Converse sneakers?

There are so many ways to lace Converses from a classic criss-cross to a straight bar to a diamond shape. There are honestly no wrong answers since Converse shoes are a blank canvas that encourage anyone who wear them to personalize them to their own style. You do you.

How do Converse fit?

Converse shoes tend to fit bigger but are made narrow. For Chuck Taylor and Chuck 70 silhouettes, we usually recommend people with wider feet to go with their true size and people with narrow feet to go a half size down. Half sizes are available to make sure you find your perfect fit. Still unsure what size to get? Come visit us in one of our Little Burgundy store locations!

Are Converses gym shoes?

Converse are a perfect lifestyle shoe and great for everyday adventures. However, we do not recommend them as gym shoes where jumping and running are involved as they are not built with the cushion and support that an athletic shoe would have.

Do Converse shoes stretch out?

Classic Converses are made with canvas that may soften on the side with time but do not stretch as the rubber toe cap keeps the shape of the shoe intact. If your shoes feel snug, we recommend going up by a half size. Converses that don't have the rubber toe cap and are made out of leather or suede may stretch a little on the sides with time.

Why is the Converse patch on the inner edge of the high top shoe?

Converse was one of the first shoes worn on the Basketball courts and the circular ankle patch was added on be inside in order to protect the players' ankles. Charles "Chuck" Taylor, an Akron Firestone player, had his signature added in 1932 as he helped improve the shoes and became the brand ambassador for Converse for over a decade. They then became known as Chuck Taylor All Stars, the first celebrity-endorsed athletic shoe and decades later, his legacy still lives on.

What are the differences between the Chuck Taylor all Star and the Chuck 70?

The difference between the two are based on look and comfort. The Chuck 70 is more resistant made with a 12 oz Canvas with a second layer stitched inside. It also has a cushiony foam insole, giving them great arch support and comfort. The Chuck Taylor is flexible and lighter. Chuck 70s have a higher varnished off-white outsole matching the off-white heavy cotton laces as opposed to the Chuck Taylor All Star that have a matte white outsole matching the white synthetic laces.

The look of the Chuck 70 has an overall vintage feel whereas the Chuck Taylor All Star has the classic look. The best way to compare is to come see us at one of our Little Burgundy locations to try them on and choose the one that fits you best.