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Dr. Martens launched in the United Kingdom in 1960. Since then, the iconic footwear brand has been known for it's durable boots and shoes, which represent fashion and resilience. Dr. Martens footwear is popular amongst diverse subcultures for their distinct style and comfort.

Are Dr. Martens waterproof?

All Dr. Martens WinterGrip styles are 100% waterproof. Other Dr. Martens styles are made with a thick leather and with a Goodyear-welt stitch that joins the upper and the sole together making the boots sturdy and keeping water from penetrating but not at 100%. Check out our WinterGrip styles in one of our store locations or right here on our website.

What is Dr. Martens WinterGrip?

WinterGrip are a re-engineered version of the classic silhouettes like the 1460 and 2976 made to take on urban winters. WinterGrip features include a Snowplow leather construction which is a grit-and-salt-resistant, water-resistant and easy-to-clean leather, a non-slippery sole to offer superior traction and a 100% waterproof Goodyear-welted heat-sealed construction.

What is Dr. Martens vegan leather made of?

The process and materials used in the Dr. Martens Vegan collection are vegan compliant, meaning that no animal products were used in the making. You can find many of your favorite Dr.Martens styles right here at Little Burgundy such as the 1460, 1461, 2976, 101 and Jadon made out of a high quality soft and supple synthetic material.

How to care for Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens leather boots and shoes are sturdy and durable, but do need special care to keep them looking supple, strong and smooth. Follow these easy steps to bring your Dr. Martens boots/shoes back to their original state.

1- Remove shoelaces and remove dirt with a damp cloth.

2- Dry them with a different cloth.

3- Apply a generous and even coat of Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam with the sponge and let it dry 10 minutes.

4. Re-lace and add an optional layer of Doc Martens Ultra Protector for protection.

How to break in Doc Martens?

Depending on the style and the leather thickness, Dr. Martens are known to need a little breaking in. Don't worry, they are worth the wait as they will mold perfectly to your foot and become a go to for comfort. Here a some tips to help you with the process!

1. On the first few wears, wear your boots for short outings with thick socks.

2. Apply the Dr. Marten Duffin or Wonder balsam to soften the leather. A short process for a long lasting boot!

A short process for a long lasting boot!

Do Dr. Martens boots stretch?

Since Dr. Martens are made of leather, they do tend to stretch a little over time. Leather is known to be a very flexible and durable material known to mold the shape of your foot with time. The Dr. Martens made with Smooth leather are stiffer than the ones made with other leathers, and therefore might take longer to break in and feel fully comfortable. We always recommend going a size up if the fit feels too tight. Come try on a pair of Dr. Martens at one of our Little Burgundy locations to find the perfect fit!

What are the most popular Dr. Martens styles?

Dr. Martens has been adopted by many over the years as the edgy yet classic silhouette that can be paired with any individual style. You can't go wrong with any of the Dr. Martens silhouettes, but the most iconic ones are the 1460 and 1461, known as timeless classics, and the Jadon and Sinclair, which are seen as fashion statement pieces.

Where to buy Doc Martens?

You can buy Dr. Martens right here at Little Burgundy! We carry a curated selection of the best Dr. Martens styles ranging from longtime classics like the 1460 to the Jadon and trendy chelsea boot styles like the 2976.

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