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By the mid 1980's, the UGG brand became a symbol of relaxed southern California culture. The UGG brand began to symbolize those who embraced sport and a relaxed, active lifestyle. By the end of the 90s, celebrities and those in the fashion world took notice of the UGG brand. A cultural shift occurred as well - people were embracing, and feeling empowered, by living a more casual lifestyle and UGG became one of the symbols of this lifestyle.

What are UGGs made of?

UGGs are made of premium materials that vary by style. This generally includes leather and sheepskin, which they're best known for. Sheepskin is the treated hide of a sheep which UGG sources from suppliers that comply with strict animal welfare policies.

Can you wear UGGs in the snow?

At Little Burgundy, we carry several UGG boot styles that are designed specifically to be worn in the snow such as the Adirondack, the Butte and the Yose.

Do black UGGs fade?

Tinted black sheepskin may fade over time, but there are ways to prevent it. Using an UGG Protector or a non-silicone protection spray is a great way to seal the original dye to the material. Avoid wearing black UGG boots in the snow or rain. When not in use, store your boots somewhere without direct sunlight.

How can I clean my UGG boots?

Sheepskin is a unique, soft material. Keep in mind that harsh cleaning products could damage the boots. It's always recommended to use UGG-branded cleaners & conditioners available in the UGG cleaning kit. Follow these steps to clean your UGG boots:

1. Gently brush the surface of your boots to remove dirt.

2. Moisten the surface with cold water.

3. Apply a small amount of Cleaner & Conditioner to a clean, damp sponge.

4. Gently scrub to clean entire area and rinse in clean, cold water.

5. Stuff your boots with paper to maintain their shape and let your boots dry naturally for 24 hours in a cool, ventilated area.

6. Once dried, with a suede brush, brush in a single direction to restore your boots' original appearance. If your boots have salt stains, this cleaning process may not get them looking quite good as new, but you should see some improvement.

What stores sell UGG?

UGG boots are available at any Little Burgundy location or right here on our website. UGG is a very popular brand around the world that's often been imitated but never equalled. Always purchase your UGG products at an authorized retailer like us.

Are there UGG products for men?

Yes! From slippers to winter boots, UGG carries products for anyone seeking comfort and style. At Little Burgundy, we carry the men's Butte, Felton, Brock II shoes and more.

What are the most popular UGG styles?

UGG is known for their comfortable and durable products. You really can't go wrong with any style. Some iconic favourites include the Classic, the Classic Mini, the Adirondack and the Butte which all have been upgraded over the years and are carried right here at Little Burgundy.

When should I wear my UGGs?

UGG offers a great range of footwear for different types of weather conditions and temperatures. Choose your boots according to the weather (rain, snow, cold, etc.) and make sure you protect them well. For rain or snow, we recommend going with a waterproof boot like the Adirondack, and if it’s a warmer sunny day, we suggest a style like the UGG Classic.

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