Back-to-school basics.

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Black shoes for everyone!

Up your shoe game with this versatile selection.

Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s not our call, but we have to talk about it. Summer is on its last stretch, and we’ll all soon be back to our daily routine. That means fewer day parties with the homies (yeah right), no more chilling sessions with friends until the early hours of the morning, and sadly, for some of us, back to school.

What did grandma always used to say? “Try to see the positive in every situation.” Well, let us find the one thing positive about this whole scenario. You’ll need new shoes! Isn’t that the best news you’ve had since you started reading this thing? Believe us, it’s not over.

Whether it’s for school (aw c’mon), a uniform (really?), or work (k, bye), we surely have what you need. A pair of black shoes. We have them all, just hear us out. You’ve got options! You can go for the classic Converse Chuck Taylor, or the “summer-will-never-be-over” Vans Old Skool, or a sure shot like the Nike Roshe or a classy Dr. Martens silhouette.

Because we know that in your heart summer is still going strong. You can now feel the same on your feet thanks to our killer footwear. We promise it will help.