Dad Shoes: too cool for school

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What’s the common denominator between your dad’s and a celebrity’s wardrobe? Dad Shoes, of course! The vintage trend (also known these days as normcore) is now well in place in the fashion industry and shoes won’t escape the hype. But where does this craze come from? Why are these clunky shoes suddenly so popular?

There’s no doubt, Dad sneakers have always been around remember your Phys Ed shoes? but it seemed that a sleeker look was a better fit for the minimalist trend that we’ve just witnessed. Sure, bulkier sneakers have been spotted in the 2010’s with Raf Simons X adidas and brands like Nike or New Balance. However, many attribute the revival of the Dad Shoe to Balenciaga’s forever out-of-stock “Triple S” (a very chunky sneaker featuring three different soles stacked up).

The Dad Shoes trend has picked up speed when the Triple S was launched in January 2017 and it quickly became THE item every trendsetter wanted in their wardrobe. Pretty much all supermodels or celebrities have rocked them in events or in an Instagram post. It’s not the first time that designers are inspired by street-style and nostalgia to rebrand a look but the Dad Shoes are coming back faster and stronger as many brands are now offering their own rendition of the Dad Sneakers.

That being said, it has more to do that just being a street look chosen by High fashion and to be put on the runways. Sure enough, it’s a comfortable look but it’s also easy to style as it works with pretty much anything. Take the all-white adidas Falcon for instance: you can simply put a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and voilà! Styled with no effort. The design details the mix of leather and suede, the bulky cushioned sole and the mesh on top of the shoe makes the Falcon not only enjoyable to wear, but also brings back just enough of the 90’s style so that you can easily pull off the Dad Shoes trend with them.

Clearly the name Dad Shoes originated just like the Mom Jeans trend did: the style is something straight out of the 90’s. Take a look at the Fila Disruptor: first launch in 1996 they are now back in full bloom. Either in white or navy, they both have a retro and iconic look that brings you right back in High School. However you style it, this surely gives a twist to any plain look.

Some have pointed out that the trend has emerged simultaneously with the #Metoo movement: many embrace the Dad Shoes look because it feels like a rebellious act of wearing a trend that is historically known as masculine. People push the fashion boundaries by styling a formal suit or a delicate dress with a pair of Dad Shoes like the Puma Defy or Nike Axis. It’s like a statement to emphasize that sneakers are unisex.

Yes, Dad Shoes are bold: for some it might be a too obvious pair of shoes, for others it’s finally the day they were waiting to come. Whichever camp you are in, countless choices are available from a more subtle version to the bulkier Dad Shoes.

So love it or hate it: the Dad Shoes trend is probably here to stay a while.