Get the Look ft. Ethan Glenn

Creative Minds

We recently asked Toronto-based lifestyle photographer and videographer Ethan Glenn (@ethantglenn) to style some of our favourite products from our FW18 Floyd collectionSee how he rose to the challenge plus learn about the lengths he’s gone to for the perfect shot (spoiler alert: there’s sharks involved).Check out his work here

Tell us a little about yourself

I have a diploma in Culinary Management, and I am completely self-taught in photography and videography.

Guilty pleasure: OREOS. Ugh I have a problem haha, I can’t walk by a package of Oreos without eating way too many.

Favourite place to travel: Paris, hands down. My girlfriend and I travelled through Europe and the Philippines this summer, and Paris was my favourite by far.

How would you describe your style?

It’s a mix of skater from when I was a kid, and preppy J.Crew kinda style.

How did you get into photography?

When I was in Grade 12, I took a documentary film course that sucked me into the world of creating things with a camera. From there, it started with photos from downtown in the city on my phone, and then it progressed to photos of people.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

I want people to feel like they are there with me when they’re watching one of my videos or seeing a photo. I want them to be captivated and take more than a second to really look at it, as they scroll down their Instagram feed. I want my work to build a connection between the viewer and the content.

Get the look: HUGO lace-up boots, LUCAS suede boots

Who/what inspires your work?

I have countless people I look up to and get inspired from who are all amazing at what they do. Some names that instantly come to mind are Samuel Elkins, Jon Melson and Clint Roberts. Anyone that knows what they want in life and are determined to get itthose are the people that I really connect with. Especially in this oversaturated world of content creation, it is so important to know your goals and work every day to get there.

What's the craziest thing you've done to capture the perfect shot?

This past summer when I was in the Philippines, we had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks. It’s not a “scary” kind of crazy because whale sharks are docile, but it was crazy nonetheless because they were the size of a school bus, and we swam close enough that we could have touched them!

How does living in Toronto influence your style?

I think it makes me open to trying new styles as well as mixing different ones. So many people in this city have crazy style that is way out there, but it makes me want to try more things and not be labeled by one look.

Which shoes in your closet have the most history?

Probably my Vans. Ever since I can remember choosing my own shoes as a kid, I always chose Vans. And then growing up, I skated in them, I’ve travelled the world with them, and still to this day, they are my go-to shoe choice when I’m running around the city shooting or just hanging out with friends.

Get the look: EMILIO lace-up suede shoes