Get the Look ft. Karina Volstad and Royal Canadian

Creative Minds

We recently asked fashion, wellness and travel influencer Karina Volstad (@karina__v) to style the Royal Canadian Lethbridge boots and show us around her hometown. Check out her favourite spots to hangout in Montreal and learn how the city’s European charm influences her style. Don’t forget to follow more of Karina’s adventures here

Tell us a little about yourself
I was born in Montreal but my dad’s job moved us around to Australia and New Caledonia growing up. I have now lived here in Montreal for the last 15 years, but I travel whenever I get the chance. I have been working in social media for four years and am completing my undergrad at the same time. I went through a stage of always wanting to get away but I developed a newfound appreciation for my city in the last while. I really am a proud Montrealer and I love getting the chance to show off my city to my friends from abroad!

How does living in Montreal influence your style?
Montreal is such a vibrant and multicultural city. There is art, there is good food, there is style and there is a certain je ne sais quoi that makes this city what it is. Montrealers have a joie de vivre that may stem from our European roots, and I like to think that this shines through in my style. Whether it’s a new trend or a vintage look, I always give it a go and see how I can make it my own. I don’t think anyone should be categorized into a certain style. You can be boho one day, minimalist the next, and wear a leopard faux-fur coat the following. I think that all the different facets of Montreal influence me in this way.

Karina’s favourite spots in Montreal.

Westmount Park

Although I live in the city, I am very much a person who likes to be connected with nature. I therefore love to spend time in the many beautiful parks that Montreal has to offer. In the summer, you can find me gathering around the Mount Royal Tam-Tams with friends or having a picnic around Beaver Lake. In the winter months, there’s no way I’d rather spend a Sunday than skating through Parc Lafontaine. This photo was taken in Westmount Park, right near my apartment. I love running through here (when it’s not snow-storming) or even bringing my books to study around the pond in the summertime.

Old Montreal

The first location is Old Montreal. I think some Montrealers take for granted the old-style beauty of this part of the city. Because it attracts many tourists, people sometimes tend to shy away but it really is a special place: so much history but, of course, lots of good food and great places to have a night out. My favourite part though is just taking a wander and getting lost in the cobblestone streets!

With visitors, I’ll bring them to my favourite café, Tommy, and then show them the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Pointe-à-Callière museum. In the summer, the Old Port is very lively and you can never go wrong with grabbing an ice cream and walking along the water or grabbing a drink at Marché des Éclusiers on a hot evening.

Atwater Market

My final location is the Atwater Market. I love this area around the canal. In the spring and summer, they sell flowers; pumpkins in the fall; and the winter brings Christmas trees! It’s always a nice place to walk around on the weekends. You can also take a bike ride along the nearby canal. A little further into the Saint-Henri neighbourhood, I love to grab a drink at Riverside or Terrasse Saint-Ambroise (season-permitting), or Loic. I have lots of happy memories in this area; it’s definitely a must-go for anyone visiting the city.

If you could travel anywhere else in Canada, where would it be?

Everywhere I travel I meet people who tell me how much they love the Canadian Rockies and I have yet to visit! Banff National Park is high on my travel list and I really hope to go within the next year or so!