Creative Minds

Tell us about yourselves.

SAMUEL - I’m the owner of Clockwork Motorcycles and I make custom bikes.

INÈS - I work in movie production in Montreal.

How did your shared passion for motorcycles come about?

SAMUEL - As far back as I can remember, my uncle always had a motorcycle. By the time my head grew big enough to wear a helmet, I was already a fanatic.

INÈS - My brother-in-law had been into motorcycles for quite a while, so I started to take an interest in them as well. But it was really through following girls on social media who were already doing it and seemed crazy about it that I decided to start taking courses myself so that I could be part of it.

Samuel, where do you seek inspiration for customizing your clients’ bikes?

I get inspired by my surroundings, particularly architecture and car design. Even nature inspires me sometimes.

How would you describe the spirit of your motorcycle community?

SAMUEL - When you head out on the road with four or five good buddies, it’s funny to say, but you feel almost invincible. It reminds me a lot of a pack of wolves that protect each other.

INÈS - I would compare it to an army. We become united and there’s this spirit of camaraderie that’s really strong, especially within a group of girls. We feel strong and proud.

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Shot by | Naskademini