Creative Minds

Tell us about yourself.

I’m the designer and owner of Sokoloff Lingerie.

Describe the Sokoloff team. Tell us about the work environment at your head office.

The company is still small; we’re only 10 girls in the office, an old garage I completely renovated. We’re like a small family. We’re very close to each other and it was important for me to create a cozy little nest for the team.

How do young Quebec designers band together to help each other gain visibility outside the province?

Mainly by collaborating together, whether it's on shoots, collections or other projects.The community of designers in Quebec is really small, so we make sure we all know each other. It's natural for us to ask a lot of questions and constantly exchange information.

Who do you dream of collaborating with?

I would love to do a campaign with a director like Jérémie Saindon and a model like Charlotte Cardin who is also a singer and pianist, a truly original visual artist, and create this dream team with all these beautiful people from Montreal.

Apart from pretty girls in underwear, what attracts so many people to your shows?

We’re friends with our models, our photographers, the owners of several establishments in Montreal and many of our loyal customers, so I think people who attend our shows come to have a good time.

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Shot by | Naskademini