Vagabond Shoemakers: The coolest kids on the block

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When classic silhouettes meet cool and modern

If you’ve never heard of Vagabond Shoemakers, you’re missing out on one of the coolest kids on the block.

Think classic silhouettes meet cool and modern. Intrigued yet? With a variety of styles offered - from ground-stomping booties to sleek mules, your style will be quickly defined as laid-back boho chic. And, you’ll get to say that you and some of the coolest gals on Instagram have something in common - ahem, @alwaysjudging, @bambilegit, and @harinef.

In 1973, this brand was born in Sweden - lucky Swedes. What started out as a desire to create shoes inspired by the people around them is now a brand that is available in 42 countries around the world. Vagabond Shoemakers makes it possible for people all around the globe to add some revisited classic Scandinavian aesthetics to their looks. You can also count on each and every one of their styles to represent the highest model of quality and design. Detail oriented, their team ensures Vagabond adepts continue slipping their feet into shoes for which materials were handpicked and design was technically developed.

Even though this Swedish brand is very popular among European folks, it is still quite obscure in North America. It’s only a matter of time before you start spotting their soles on everyone’s feet and all over your IG feed.

We’re betting this will change really soon - mark our words.